Our Objectives


The objectives of the Association shall be:

  1. To raise interest in the wellbeing of our association, hereby called 1998-2003 EECE Classmates.
  2. To sustain and encourage old friendships amongst peers in the 1998-2003 EECE Classmates
  3. To promote the 1998-2003 EECE Classmates way of life amongst the members centered discipline, creativity and hard work.
  4. To use all avenues open to the group to invest in commercially viable projects to be ratified by the general house.
  5. To fulfill our corporate social responsibility via projects voted and vetted by the general house.

In pursuance of its objectives (but not otherwise), the Association shall aim to:

  1. Provide welfare, advice and support to the members where necessary
  2. Provide a recognised means of communication between the members and the wider society
  3. Promote volunteering activities were necessary, with volunteers being involved with the Association itself and the wider community
  4. Provide training and mentoring services where necessary
  5. Promote equality of opportunity among members and challenge all forms of discrimination whether based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, religion, cultural background or other such status
  6. Carry on any other activities which may be advantageously and profitably carried on in connection with and which further any of its purposes